Greece 2017


During our time in Greece, we aim to bridge the gap and bring about cultural and religious awareness amongst volunteers and refugees. We assist where it is needed and hope to bring relief to the refugees we cross. We are a voice for the voiceless, spreading their stories and methods of assistance. 

Our team worked in the following locations:  

  1. Oinofyta Refugee Camp

  2. Ritsona Refugee Camp

  3. Malakasas Refugee Camp

  4. Athens Squats


  1. Ramadan Packages

    • CT Anchor raised over  ‎€12,500 and assembled packages with food and basic necessities for refugees with the Jafra Foundation. We were able to assist 1900 families with the distribution of these packages. 

  2. Sponsor a Family 

    • With the help of our generous donors, we were able to support a family that was struggling with a paralyzing disability, difficult pregnancy, and unfortunate family situation. We placed them in an apartment in Athens to make sure that the mother had an easy delivery and was in close proximity to the hospital, without being separated from her family. 

  3. Food Distribution

    • We supported the distribution of culturally relevant vegetables to the residents of the Ritsona Refugee Camp, allowing them to make their own food. The government no longer provides food to the camps and the Ritsona camp is in the mountains, hidden away from the nearest city. Food distribution was necessary. 

    • We delivered food to the Squats in Athens that don't have government or NGO support. Their only source of food is through volunteer donations, without which they sleep hungry. These squats have malnourished children, pregnant women, and many young adults. 

  4. Warehouse

    • Our team assisted in the remodeling of the Malakasas Refugee Camp warehouse which allows the residents of the camp to choose their clothing much like a boutique, allowing them to have a sense of normalcy. 

    • CT Anchor volunteers sorted and organized donations at the IAMYOU warehouse which distributes clothes to the residents of the Ritsona Refugee Camp